Online Curriculums & E-Rate for Education

By bringing together the best experts in educational technology, this workshop arms?school administrators with the necessary knowledge to make fiscally responsible decisions without compromising the quality of the solution.

Clayton Christensen Institute Workshops

One of the biggest mistakes schools are making is to fall in love with the latest devices and invest in technology for technology?s sake. Even with all the resources out there, far too many schools are either neglecting the opportunity that technology holds to help personalize learning at scale or are leading with the technology rather than their education goals, which generally results in spending a lot of money and missing the promise.

What?s lacking still for educators has been a strategic design guide?informed by robust theory?to help them with the ?hows? of putting blended learning into action to boost achievement for their students.

Improving schools does not need to be a matter of guesswork. The value of sound theory is that it provides a pattern for what to do to be successful.

- Heather Staker