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All things Ed Tech

Join us for an unforgettable experience with professionals and educators.

From designing Wi-Fi for student performance, E-Rate funding/eligibility, and online intervention solutions, this workshop will bring the latest in educational technology gadgets, vetted curriculum, and expertise to ensure your school is bringing the best experience to your students.

By bringing together the best experts in educational technology, this workshop arms school administrators with the necessary knowledge to make fiscally responsible decisions without compromising the quality of the solution.

Hosted at ASU SkySong

Dr. Darryl Adams; Rock & Roll, Hip Hop & Soul Superintendent, Thought Leader and Technology Evangelist!

Dr. Adams is the Rock & Roll, Hip Hop & Soul Superintendent, Thought Leader and Technology Evangelist! He is an eternal optimist who keeps it real by bringing his unique energy, passion, oratory skills and original musical messages to inspire audiences everywhere. His goal is to change the world through creative servant leadership, innovation and out of the box thinking! Dr. Adams? Keynote Presentations or Keynote Concerts are engaging, interactive, informative and fun. Think Hamilton meets Tony Robbins meets Martin Luther King with a touch of Rick James, James Brown and Jay Z!

Dr. Adams is the creator of the TLC Philosophy of ?Trust, Love and Collaboration.? His goal for education is to help make this a better world by inspiring everyone to participate in providing equity, equality and opportunity for all by ensuring that we ?Leave No Child Offline and No Teacher Behind.?

Dr. Darryl Adams has served in servant leadership positions for over 30 years and under his servant leadership, his former school district was the first in the nation to provide a mobile device (iPads) for every student from preschool through high school and the first in the world to ensure students 24/7 internet access by putting wifi routers on school buses by way of his Wifi-on-Wheels initiative.

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Education and the Obama White House named Dr. Adams one of the Top 100 Innovative Superintendents in the Nation. His iPads for All and Wifi-on-Wheels initiatives garnered a much heralded shout-out from the President during the 2014 Future Ready Summit at the White House! President Obama praised Dr. Adams? leadership and creativity and spoke to the importance of the iPads for All and Wifi-on-Wheels programs as being innovative ways in connecting students and families to educational opportunities.

Dr. Adams has been named as one of the most influential voices in education by Tech and Learning magazine and the Center for Digital Education has honored him as one of the Top 30 Technologists, Transformers & Trailblazers in the nation in digital conversion.

He has led the way in educational technology and digital conversion, broadband infrastructure expansion for schools and homes and in developing teacher educational technology certification programs. Dr. Adams has been interviewed by and highlighted on National Public Radio, The U.S. Department of Education, The Learning Counsel, the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly and the Center for Digital Education regarding educational technology innovations, to name a few.

This fall, Dr. Adams will be releasing his first book “Leave No Child Offline, Leave No Teacher Behind: Keys to Transforming Education in America” and his first original music collection ?The Unity Album? in 2017!

Milan Eaton, State E-Rate Director, Arizona Department of Education

Session Description:

We all need funding for our technology projects.? Erate is a reliable funding source that can provide up to 90% of the funding needed for your infrastructure projects as well as your internet access.? Find out what qualifies and how to submit the paperwork.


Milan has been working with educational technologies for the past 20 years. Working in engineering and sales positions he has helped schools in Arizona receive millions of dollars in federal Erate funding. Today, as the State Erate Director, he guides schools through the process of receiving Erate to fund their infrastructure projects as well as internet access. In March (2017) he worked with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Governor?s office to provide a 10% state matching program. This program will provide $130M in state and federal funding to bring high speed internet to schools that are currently underserved. See how Erate can fund your next infrastructure project.

EXPERT: Wireless Infrastructure; Rory Conaway

Rory Conaway has been in the IT and Wireless Industries for the past 25 years as an author and consultant. He currently operates a growing WISP operation in Southern Arizona. He consults with investors, manufacturers, and WISPs, and develops financial business models for startups.

In addition to writing articles in industry publications such as Mission Critical Magazine, Mr. Conaway also writes the series ?Tales from the Towers? that can be found on various such as and He has also engineered several wireless designs such as S.P.I.R.I.T. and Guerilla Wireless as well as building integrated wireless and video surveillance for airport security, municipal and critical infrastructure, SCADA systems, and hotel/MDU deployments.

EXPERT: Robots, Drones & Coding for Education; LocoRobo

Software and coding literacy have become essential skills for modern careers and innovation in the 21st Century. Robotics is a hands-on and engaging way to teach and learn coding, which otherwise is a cumbersome journey for most students. By now, companies have flooded the market with a variety of robotics kits that claim to teach kids coding. But how do you decide which ones to invest in? LocoRobo founder and university professor Pramod Abichandani shares tips for evaluating the tools and deciphering between those with high educational impact and the fluff. And why stop at ground robots, when you can teach coding with flying drones?

And yes, a drone will be flying over you throughout the workshop! Read about the Drone Activity for students here.

EXPERT: Literacy in Technology; Lisa Garcia, Literacy Specialist

Lisa Garcia taught for 28 years in the Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, Arizona. She earned a BA from the University of Arizona in Elementary Education with endorsements in Reading, ESL, Bilingual Education, and Middle School Education. She received her MA in Secondary Education while working as a visiting scholar in the Department of Mathematics, U of A. During her teaching years, she was Crystal Apple Award recipient, Middle Level Educator of the Year recipient and a Star Teacher of the Year. Lisa will share insights into reading literacy strategies with an emphasis in technology and STEM. Lisa is currently the Director of Educational Services for MindPlay, Inc.

EXPERT: Side By Side Comparison; Blub Projectors, Laser Projectors, LCD Panels

Session Description:

In the course of recent years, classrooms have undergone exceptional change. With the progression in innovation, classrooms are undergoing the next level of change right at this point. Whether your preference is interactive whiteboards, interactive projectors, laser projectors or even Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs), understanding your infrastructure, warranty, life of product and required professional development are essential in the decision making. This session will scrutinize the technologies with a specialist’s assessment of the advantages for each to help a school move forward with confidence in line to their unique situation and school goals.


Carl Sheen: Carl is a Computer Science graduate and former High School teacher from the UK who taught Computing and ICT for a number of years. During this time Carl focussed greatly on improving the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) within the schools, looking at how different departments could utilise their technology better or suggesting new technologies to push them forward. Carl studied for a Masters in Education, focussing on the use of the Flipped Classroom model within UK schools. Currently Carl works as the Head of Training and Development for Genee World, a leading UK manufacturer of educational technologies.

Chris Soiles: With almost 30 years of educational technology experience and technology infrastructure experience, Chris brings with him extensive knowledge of all facets of technology related to educational curriculum delivery and audio video needs in today?s evolving classrooms. Chris has worked with many schools in the Southwest utilizing state and federal funding programs to help entities build and enhance their technology delivery needs. With detailed understanding of Wide and Local Area Network design and implementation, he can identify and apply creative long-term solutions in the best interest of the customer.

SPOTLIGHT: Tucson USD, Tolson Elementary School: Science Data Logging

Labdisc Tolson ES Pic2On February 15th 2017, about 20 4th grade students at Tolson once again participated in Boxlight/Labdisc?s first STEM day of 2017. This time, the focus was on using Labdisc to measure their heart rates. Using Labdisc devices coupled with the Labdisc external heart monitor, a variety of students took turns making predictions about their resting heart rates versus their active heart rates. Students then worked in groups of four or five to create charts that described the resting heart rate, active heart rate, and post active heart rate using the data provided by the Labdiscs. Ron Pierce, teacher at Tolson, decided to implement some cross curricular mathematics activities by having students take their heart rate samples in 10 second increments, and then multiply by 6 in order to determine heart rate on a minute by minute basis.

Labdisc Tolson ES Pic?

SPOTLIGHT: Gilbert USD, Chandler USD, Roosevelt ESD

As we progress further into the 21st century, the focus of education sometimes has to change to meet shifting demands and better prepare learners to be work ready, job ready, career ready, and college ready.

By receiving quality instruction delivered in a career and workplace context, learners experience the direct connection between core foundational skills including reading, navigating and locating information, and the core foundational skills required across occupations and industries to compete and succeed in today?s world.

This experience is enabled by a unique combination of high definition stereopsis, integrated head tracking with full motion parallax and a precision interactive stylus. Virtual Reality can be a powerful tool in our schools, enhancing STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by inspiring student understanding with a full, rich display of scientific information, including experiences involving dissection, electrical currents, human anatomy, plant anatomy, bone scans, and more.

SPOTLIGHT: Peoria Unified School District; Piloting Technology to Inform Decisions

Identifying technology specifically for Special Education is difficult, especially at the high school level. This session will describe Peoria Unified District?s journey toward piloting appropriate mathematics technology to better provide a personalized learning experience for students. Technology features, such as intuitiveness and multi-modal (i.e. handwriting recognition), are just a piece of the puzzle. While everyone may not be looking for technology specifically for special education, everyone does want flexibility in technology that allows the teacher to assign targeted concepts as needed with a growth comparison mechanism in place. With the wealth of technology and curriculum products on the market and many spotlighted at ISTE, this session will begin to tackle how to ensure you find the right program for your unique student population. – Tracy Matakas, K-12 Math Curriculum & Instruction Coach

Friday, May 19, 2017

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