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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
8:00 AM ? 3:00 PM PST
ASU SkySong Center
1365 North Scottsdale Road
SkySong 3, 130 Synergy I
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

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Workshop AgendaAgenda 05-12-2015

These carefully designed workshops combine theory with application to provide a step-by-step process for harnessing the most promising innovations to improve schools while avoiding the landmines.



Workshop Core Objectives

  • Introduce the theories of disruptive and sustaining innovation as a framework for helping to understand the rise of K?12 blended learning and its potential to transform America?s classrooms.
  • Increase awareness of the difference between high-quality blended learning and ?cramming,? which means using technology for technology?s sake. Help participants identify worthwhile uses of technology.
  • Introduce a multi-step process for designing a blended-learning strategy. The steps include starting with the rallying cry, organizing the team, designing the student experience, designing the teacher experience, designing the physical and virtual setup, choosing the model, creating the culture, and iterating through a discovery-driven planning process. Through concepts, tools, and technology, we help participants break down the planning process into a series of steps. These steps help school leaders systematically prepare for, design, and implement customized blended-learning plans.
  • Give participants opportunities to practice the skills that lead to success. Increased awareness and a systematic framework are most valuable when tied directly to practical skill building. Using case studies and group exercises, we challenge participants to engage in the blended-learning planning process in a hands-on and applied way throughout the workshop so that, by the end, they are ready to apply those techniques on their own when they complete their plans as school teams.
  • Help participants connect their learning to their next steps going forward. We hope to leave them with insights on how to get started with blended learning and a sense of expertise about the step-by-step framework so that they have a complete road map to follow as they develop their school-based plans.
Who will benefit
Superintendents, principals, curriculum directors, technology coordinators and other district leaders with responsibility for online or blended learning initiatives.
What to bring
Fully charged laptops, smart phones and tablets are encouraged as there will be opportunities to participate in live polling throughout the workshops. Materials will be provided. Please be sure to bring a writing device to take notes.
Limited Seating
Seating is extremely limited. We ask district and administrative personnel to be carefully considered.
Registration Fee
There is a $50 registration fee per person. Checks or Purchase Orders are accepted. Please make them out to Backbone Communications and send via mail, fax or email. Our contact information is provided below.
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